Friday, May 23, 2008

Nadine Dorries: Making Ayes at Frank Field MP

The lifelong fibber Nadine Dorries reckons the vote to retain the 24-week limit on abortion was party political around here (NB still no proper permalinks). I think that's wrong. There simply was no evidence to change the limit.

The abortion question was a parasite on the fertility and embryology bill. Not a bad thing to have a serious debate on it every ten years or so. But a parasite on the bill none the less.

It was government business, whipped or not. Some opposition politicians vote against government business by knee jerk, whipped or not. And repeat, there simply was no evidence to change the limit.

Nadine actually wants a nine-week limit - at most - and she has baffled serious scientists and clinicians with a stream of palpable untruths, unevidenced anecdotes and doubtful denials.

Apparently changing Frank Field's mind nonetheless.

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