Friday, May 23, 2008

Conservative Cobblers (C2): Dale Spews Socio-Babble

The graduate linguist and blogging expert Iain Dale eschews economics for a bit and tries sociology on for size. "What does he know about that?" I hear you cry. "Not a lot!" is the obvious answer on reading this relentlessly speculative Torygraph piece. Though it is quite true that Cobblers are in Category C2.

Unless they own the firm in which case they are ABs whether they are in Burke's Peerage like Prezza, Cilla, Doddy and Sian Lloyd or not. But if it's Conservative C2 Cobblers you want, Dale's your man. IMAGE: Blackberry Cobbler on Camp Stove (recipe).

OOOPS SORRY: If your Internet Nanny is set to refuse clicks towards the Telegraph you can read an excerpt at Dale's blog.