Friday, May 02, 2008

Newsflash: Roger Jones Figures

Rick Houlton, of the CAP, polled 1152 votes and Stephen Fitzsimmons, of the Conservative Party, received 832 votes. Mr Jones polled only 650 votes.


Stephen said...

Roger Jones committed political suicide by backing congestion charge for Manchester he shouldn’t have been so foolish I’m glad has gone

Chris Paul said...

Goodness me Stephen. Roger was Chair of the GMPTA and bound by that role to champion the will of the authority and to try to score the funds from Whitehall. Remember (a) that any congestion charging can only follow a step change in passenger transport services and (b) and such CC can be avoided by changing time of journey, probably using green vehicles, and so on. It is nothing like London. And to my eyes it is DISGUSTING for super rich business interests to interfere in this way in a local council election. DISGUSTING.