Friday, May 02, 2008

Salford Overall Figures: Labour Hold, Down Five

Salford Council Composition is now:

Labour 36 (41) HOLD
Tory 13 (10)
Lib Dem 10 (8)
Independent 1 (1 vacancy)

Roger Jones being one of the casualties.


Rick Trimble said...

It's really Labour down six, the one vacancy was a Labour councillor standing down, his old seat in Walkden South went to the Tories tonight.

Chris Paul said...

Fair enough Rick. Not a connoisseur of the details when it comes to Walden South. To my eternal shame. Will be interested though to catch up with the details.

Iain Lindley said...

The one remaining Labour Councillor in Walkden South resigned due to ill-health before just before Christmas - it is a Conservative gain from Labour.

Labour did not win a majority of seats up for election (10 of 20) and their vote share makes dreadful reading, particularly for Barbara Keeley MP. Conservatives led by 12% across the Worsley & Eccles South wards and Labour's lead over the Conservatives across the *entire City* was a whopping... erm, 0.83%.

Chris Paul said...

Even in Salford the turn out in a General Election can be expected to be about three times that in locals and - as you well know - this often, well almost always, turns these things on their heads.

You need seven more seats to form a Town Hall regime Lib-Con regime Iain. You concentrate on that now. And also on making sure that would be Lib-Con and not Lib-Lab.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no chance of a Lib-Lab coalition in Salford Chris, certainly not with the current leaderships.

I don't think any of the main parties would work with Cllr Houlton either, certainly not on a formal basis.

Iain Lindley said...

Sorry that was me, clicked the wrong button...