Saturday, May 10, 2008

Timpson Towers: Not Wet Paper Bag in the Road

On Tuesday we shook with laughter as Tory by-election candidate Edward Timpson piped up on Channel 4 News alongside a Cam who knew it wouldn't wash to have had it hard and grown up with 86 orphans and all that Oliver-esque song and dance.

So is the family seat actually a wet paper bag in the middle of the road as he impied? Or is it the above mansion and grounds? A Google satellite view. LOL don't give a monkey's whether Edward is rich, or a toff, or both. We do however care when he pretends to have had it tough for the cameras. Seems like he might be a bit dim to even try that one.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get really get in the gutter?

Guido carries the election material that the Labour Party is running.

It's in the sewer like yours.

What are you doing in the Labour Party? There's lots of far-left nutcase jobs which would welcome your talents.

Anonymous said...

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Chris Paul said...

What do you mean "get in the gutter" anon 19:16?

This man went on Channel 4 News, standing next to Dave Cameron - who to his credit looked uncomfortable at this one - and PRETENDED that he'd had a tough childhood. My arse he did.

How is juxtaposing the man's real lifestyle with the one he has tried to present ON NATIONAL TV "in the gutter"?

Do try to explain yourself anon.

Anonymous said...

Same old Tories...

Anonymous said...

So he has a hereditary seat eh? Nothing at all like Tamsin Dunwoody. Oh wait!

Ken said...


This is off topic, but very funny...

Both Guido and Dale wish to have us believe that they got the news about Labour's woes from a secret source that tipped them the wink.

Actually the Mail on Sunday's posting went live at 10.45am on Saturday. They just read it like the rest of us did.

Chris Paul said...

Yes he has a heredi-tory seat. Without having to win any elections or even run a successful business or practice.

But that's not the real problem here as far as I'm concerned. It is that he pretends he had a tough childhood.

That is poppycock.

Anonymous said...


I think you're being very unfair about Edward Timpson's "tough childhood."

Have you seen that practice bunker near to the ornamental lake?

Let me tell you - that is a truly tough bunker to play out of!

Perhaps it was things like this that Edward was referring to?

Anonymous said...

talk about the pot calling the kettle black. dunwoody? hereditary principle? durrrr.

look, no one really about this 70's class war shit. ooh, look. he's got a bigger house than you, must be a cunt. up the workers!

if this is the desperation new labour has found itself sinking to then things have come to a pretty pass. i guess the general election will be fought using the same strategy? hope so - cos you'll then receive a 1983 style kicking. can't wait.

people won't forget the million people labour killed in an illegal war in iraq, and how it doubled the taxes of the worst off. you suck and your time is up.

Ken said...


The joke is on me as I buggered up my links. Due to the time difference between this country and back home, but that is not the point.


Chris Paul said...

Never mind exile, Dale was definitely tardier than GuF - as I pointed out in his comments.

As to the tory trolls ... the silver spoon in the gob is a bit off putting, as is the likes of Dale saying Timpson is "a successful man" whereas in fact his only real success is being born into a rich family.

But the shoe box in the middle of the road line is pathetic. That's where the attack should be, not on his being a toff in itself.

Anonymous said...


As if you didn't have enough character flaws you're also a tedious class warrior. "...the silver spoon in the gob is a bit off putting...". It might be for you, but real people want a competent MP. It really is just pathetic, a grasped straw when you have nothing meaningful to give.

As for the house - I am not sure how bricks and mortar guarantee a good or easy upbringing. They are a necessary but not a sufficient condition, but then I have read your garbage before and wouldn't make the mistake of crediting you with the insight to recognise the difference.

Chris Paul said...

Oh do go away "random". Can't you read? Or even watch C4? It is the candidate's pretence at being the victim of a wretched childhood that draws his judgement and honesty into doubt. Not the big house(s) or the family fortune(s).

Tamsin Dunwoody is not only competent and bright but she's also experienced as a parliamentarian.

And for all his halo and that ET has been the candidate for a year without making any impact.

These observations may give you cause to reply, perhaps not anonymously for once, but please deal with the arguments.

Anonymous said...

Such a charmer! "Do go away", such arrogant disdain from the left. Presumably nerves are raw, for the class hatred to be so naked (I am not from any of the priviledged backgrounds you so despise, so it is ill-directed).

My identity is irrelevant, as you don't know me nor I you, and I am not a well-known person. Random is a useful label, to tie me to my comments.

I didn't watch Channel 4, I watch little television, but your post only mentioned it in a paragraph that made no sense at all. Either you are incapable of writing coherently, or you didn't think that the Channel 4 reference was important enough to structure a couple of sentences to explain it. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, for which I apologise. I accept now that you feel the Channel 4 reference was important, but that you were unable to express the the importance in any coherent manner.

When you do perhaps you might have a point to discuss. Until then you only leave people wondering why you make a post that has two paragraph, one of which is utterly incomprehensible and that other of which has at least five grammatical errors that a quick scan brings up (it is hardly worthy of more attention).

Anonymous said...

You really are a twat.

Have you ever had to share a parent with other (non blood related) kids? It's hard because you want your parents to be a parent to you alone, but you have to share them with other kids. So yea - mansion or no mansion - it would have been tough!

I would have thought that you would have had something nice to say about a family which clearly care enough about people other than themselves to open up their lives to benefit those who have nothing.

But no - wait - they are nasty tories so they must be evil bloodsuckers, and their desire to help foster kids a mere cynical stunt. I forgot - only the left can exoress concern fo others!

You are pathetic. Get back in the gutter where you belong you useless fuckwit, and stop fighting a class war. Stick to the facts and stop embellishing them for your own party political purposes.

I hope you get stuffed in Crewe!