Sunday, May 11, 2008

Edward Timpson: Shoe Box in Middle of the Road

In fact my Monty Python memory was a little awry. It was a shoe box in the middle of the road and a rolled up newspaper in a cess pit where the four self-made yorkshiremen claimed to reside. Above is the sketch in all its inverse snobbery grandeur. And in the midst of this Channel 4 News item you'll find Timspn playing the 'poor orphan' card; and here's the script and here's the Oxbridge Guardianista arguing the toss about toffs.

It is the "we had it tough" line that needs attacking. And the idea that Edward himself is "successful" because his family are filthy rich. He may have a halo, and he may have avoided the worst of the Bullingdon excess at Uppingham and Durham, but he's a bit dim to try this on.


Anonymous said...

Timpson ? Ain't that the name of the "Spoilt Bastard!" in 'VIZ' magazine ?

I spent a little time in Crewe this Saturday thanks to Wayne David MP.

I am not happy with the feeling on the ground, but if the PLP show signs of life and intelligence the matter is not beyond saving, but Brown must be given the "black Spot" well before the 22nd.


Chris Paul said...

Brown must solve the 10p tax problem TODAY. That's what's needed. If Boris could pipe up with a few more stupidities that would help also.

Notatory said...

Strange and bizarre posts from someone who worked so tirelessly to keep Blair, Tory until he got selected and his father was still a Tory member until he became PM, in power for so long.

Desperate measures though eh?