Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crewe and Nantwich: Candidates and Links

Crewe and Nantwich links. Labour say Don't be conned by Tory Boy and again on their blog with a bit of a start to a You Tube presence.

The Tories want you to Send a Message to Gordon Brown and sadly the Lib Dems don't have much traction though UKIP's Nattrass may surprise, especially as there is no branded candidate from the far right. Gemma Garrett could be one of several deposit losers. The Greens are fielding a Transport Expert, though not quite from the same cloth as Gwyneth.

The usual independently minded by-elections blog coverage doesn't seem to have recovered from the Ealing Southall/Sedgefield double whammy back in the good old days when Tories were always third.

The by-election wiki lists all eleven runners and riders (above). And the blog is a splendid local view of ... things. Including the by-election.

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