Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bad Hair Day: Cam Hands Double Crown to Lib Dems

We talked of bad hair only yesterday. Claiming, now ridiculously, that Tories had good hair when compare with Lib Dems. Of course there was a previous brief outbreak of Lord Snooty centre parting spotted exclusively almost 14 months ago. But yesterday's was far, far worse.

Is this some kind of cack-handed attempt to stem the Lib Dem advances in Henley-on-Thames? Based on a tousled, centre-left clefted, mop head with policy aversion? Or is he just fishing for a Lord Snooty remark to backlash and back comb against?


Anonymous said...

There's not a lot of great precedents for claiming to have great hair. It was in 2004 that John Edwards said that the reason to vote Democrat was cause he a Kerry had great hair. Crashed and burned.

Chris Paul said...

True enough. As the owner of one of the widest centre partings in all M21 I'm not a great judge in these matters.

Anonymous said...

Spot the difference?

Clegg is a cunt and Cameron is not?