Thursday, June 05, 2008

Iain Dale: Sticking By His Thievery and Perjury Crap

Sadly Iain Dale has still not given a hat tip to Conservative Home from whence he got his breathless Jim Hood MP story. It is an obvious steal as part of Iain's blockquote is actually CH editorial and the rest their blockquote. Careless that.

The story has the old miner and class warrior challenging Cameron to walk his talk on women candidates in "safe" seats. Which is fair enough.

Iain certainly has not owned up that Conservative Home got it from a prominent press gallery freemason and bar fly and not repeat not from a Labour Party "by-election campaign press release".


Iain Dale said...

You really are a twat sometimes.

1. I hadn't even read ConHome on the day in question. I therefore did not get it from ConHome.
2. I did not get it from Rob Gibson.
3. The person I did get it from may well have done.
4. So what?

Be very careful about throwing words like perjury and thieving around. If I thought you had more than a few hundred reasons I might think I had reason to as you to withdraw those words as they impugn my character. Whether you do or not will show whether you have any conscience at all.

If I said the colour of snow was white you'd move heaven and earth to prove it was black.

Chris Paul said...

Dearest Iain

Was your story from a Labour Party press release or was it not? No it was not. You lied or were at the very least mistaken. If the latter you have continued with the mistake knowing it to be one.

Was your story blockquote exactly the same words in the same order as the Conservative Home story?

You are certainly guilty of a huge fib. And it seems almost certain that your source lifted it from Conservative Home given the verbatim nature.

Acknowledge that YOU LIED!

Acknowledge where the story appeared first! And that it was thieved.

Stop these hissy fits! And for heaven's sake do stop taking yourself (and me) so seriously.

Perjury is obviously the wrong word to throw around as you weren't giving evidence. Though if you want to take me to court over this then you're very welcome to. Bring it on.

Though it would only draw attention to your fibs.

None of you Tories have yet to deal with Mr Hood's valid point about Cameron failing to select women in safe seats.

Best regards

Chris P

Iain Dale said...

Did yourself an even deeper hole. I repeat. I did not get it from ConHome. If I had, I would have acknowledged the fact. As far as I am aware it was indeed from a Henley campaign press release. That is what I was told and I had no reason to question that.

Failin to select women in safe seats? Do some basic research and you will see that you are completely wrong. Remember Maidstone, as but one of many examples!!!

No, I don't take you seriously. In fact, I must be having a quiet day to even bother posting this.

Chris Paul said...

It is verbatim from CH. As you say your source may have got it from there. They (CH) got it from the head Mason in the press gallery who may well have it in for Comrade or Brother Hood.

You now have every reason to doubt this sources' word on any and all inexactitudes they whisper in your shell like.

Unless that is someone can produce the fabled "press release".

But why on earth would Labour use ex-miner and class warrior and current Scot Jim Hood in a by-election press release in Henley? We have some idiots too, but not that bad surely?

You take yourself and me way too seriously Iain. But you seem to be way short of the self knowledge to realise that.

Chris Paul said...

PS In this case the favoured candidate was a competent and presentable local woman, but was passed over for a middle aged bean counter bloke in a suit. Local too.

That was Hood's point, don't you see? Maidstone will not increase the representation of women in the house and is therefore a poor example of Cameron's great crusade toward Equality even if it is close to your heart.

Anonymous said...


I think you are a little obsesed with Mr Dale.

Chris Paul said...

You think? He really does need to be watched. For what he says. And what he doesn't say. Lucky he's not obsessed with poor little me, innit? Dn't you think he should own up when he's wrong?

Still so as not to disappoint you I'll chuck out just one more Dale story before giving it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Has Dale added the fuckwittery at the end of his unbridled nonsense? About "Tut, Tut" not being usual language for a genuine press release??!!

Chris Paul said...

Not 100% sure either way. Interesting though isn't it? If it was there from the start he clearly knew it wasn't right but pressed on. If he didn't and added it later he is susceptible to calls for integrity.