Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mr Eugenides: With Blood Boiling and Curses Popping

Mr Eugenides swears a bit at times. But well he might with this bunch of crooks and in particular Cam's handshake mate Giles Chichester ensuring probity in the Tory Party. This following Iain Dale's bessie mate Derek Conway's Family Fortunes debacle.

"Whoops-a-daisy" said the Tory Grandee Chichester, when he should have said: "I resign, plead guilty, throw myself at the mercy of the court" etc etc. And daddy a proper maritime hero and all.

Conservative Home report that Cam is ready to dump these MEPs. That'll be once the damning report's in from Giles no doubt.

FOOTNOTE: While Iain is covering the Hood-gate twaddle (posts passim) he is NOT covering the expenses scandal related to one Giles Lancaster MEP. This mirrors the way he did not cover the expenses scandal related to Derek Conway MP, or the undeclared campaign expenses of David Davis MP, or the ridiculous internet finanglings of Grant 1234 Shapps MP. Are they all members of the same Moronic Lodge?

UPDATE 17:00: Was he pushed or did he jump? Giles Chichester has walked the plank as Tory Group Leader, leaving a tiny gene pool of the unimplicated from which to choose a replacement. Will Cam chuck this lot off his 2009 lists? Now THAT would be a boost for Women MEP numbers.

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