Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dale Pantomime Continues: He's Busy Doing Nothing

Iain Dale is not having a hissy fit in comments, not taking himself too seriously, not taking me too seriously, not digging himself deeper. And he's not doing it all HERE. He says he did not nick his story from Conservative Home but admits his own source probably did. Which is receiving stolen goods. More culpable than a bit of sneak thieving.

And he claims that his sneak thief assured him that the words he quoted were from a Henley by-election press release on behalf of the Labour Party. And that he actually believed that!! Giving gulls a bad name.

Ha ha ha. Former Scots miner, curmudgeon, and class warrior deliberately thrown into the mix for the most English seat in the world? We do have a few muppets in the Labour Party. But please Iain. You're making a Cookie monster struggling to count to four look like Genius material. Relatives of former bankers and oil men from Burkino Faso please take note.

Conservative Home claim they got the story from the lobby's head Freemason as we reported. I'm beginning to think there's a whiff of Grant "1234" Shapps and his dirty tricks about all this. Iain's just being used.


a very public sociologist said...

Does that make Iain a fence?

Chris Paul said...

Yep, Dale is a fence. And a foil. But not a dry stone wall.

Samuel Coates said...

This is pretty boring. Whether Iain should have linked to CH or not is so trivial.

Anyway, even if his source had got it from CH rather than Gallery News then, to use your analogy, buying stolen goods isn't wrong if you don't know they're stolen.

Chris Paul said...

Yes yes yes Sam; Iain's source almost certainly got it from CH. Iain (and/or his source) added the idea that this was from an official press release. Which was ridiculous.

Once you find out you've got some stolen goods you are bound by law to report and return ... or you have committed a crime. Certainly the goods conventionally remain the property of the original owner.

So for example cars are often repossessed and other goods confiscated from people who have innocently bought them.

Iain's story was careless and wrong and he hasn't bothered to correct it, acknowledge that it is unconfirmed, or provide a retro credit. All par for the course.

Something that even Guido has been known to do.

The story had no traction because it's a bit of a wind up that Iain fell for.

Tim said...

I did enjoy watching the Iain call you a twat, when he claims* to not allow swearing/abuse on his blog.

(*The truth is a bit more complicated. Iain will often delete comments after he has lost an argument and later claim or imply that the deleted comments were sweary/insulting/personal.)

Chris Paul said...

Isn't "Twat" a word for a pregnant golfish? That's what my dad told me. I always believed him. So I've never looked it up.

Until now .... ouch, ouch, ouch.