Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mad Nadine Dorries: Is She Laying It On a Bit Thick?

"Every single time I stand up to speak I am ambushed, regardless of the subject", she claims. By "ambushed" she seems to mean that people think she's a bit silly and they show it in the traditional manner. Well, she is a bit silly. And expecting everyone to pretend she is not is unreasonable.

She thinks parliament don't like it when she provides her view from Mid Narnia mum. In fact they don't like a lifelong liar wasting parliamentary time by stating the bleeding obvious (and often the bleeding fictitious and ridiculous too). As if she has anything to add to these debates.

Still, if mums returning every day from school runs have to stop going to a supermarket* and buying treats for the kids then only being on average massively wealthy instead of humungously wealthy by historic and world standards might have some effect on childhood obesity.

As would going to the nearest school. On foot or by bike preferably.

Nads is still banging on utterly fictitiously about babies/foeti surviving at 20 weeks. And she seems to think Prince William will be floating around brazenly where the forces and the media say he will be. [Sorry, although she's the self-appointed Princess of the Blogs those permalinks don't really work].

* Nadine actually "product-placed" a particular supermarket brand in Hansard, and now on her award-winning blog. Does Guido know?


Nadine Bargery's Careers Advisor said...


After a life climbing the greasy pole with fibs and over-promotion Little Dorries finally realised her identity and true happiness by sliding all the way back down to become a chattery, error-prone, yet popular till dolly at Tesco, Neath.

Anonymous said...

Ben Dover you say Mr Hain? Oooooh, he was far worse than you!