Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boris Johnson: Changed Sides On Bush's War?

Boris Johnson, the elected Mayor of all London would appear to have changed his view on Bush's War. The image and others like it is from Beau Bo D'Or. Short notice, but there is also a related event in Manchester today.

The Peace Gardens, Manchester (next to the Town Hall) from 5.30pm. TODAY. For laying of a wreath as the British death toll in Afghanistan reaches 100.

'We will lay the wreath to remember the loss of 100 British soldiers and the millions of other lives lost needlessly in the 'War on Terror', said Nahella Ashraf, chair of Stop the War in Manchester.

'After 100 British soldiers were killed in Iraq we laid a wreath at the war memorial. Now the same thing has happened in Afghanistan - and why?

"People are opposed to these endless wars. Our troops should be brought home now", said Mark Krantz in a statement from Stop the War in Greater Manchester.

Stop the War continue to organise nationally to greet Bush, both as he goes to Downing Street for dinner (assembles at 5.00pm in Parliament Square, march along a standard route so far banned by police) and StW are also organising a protest when George Bush goes to Windsor for tea with the Queen at 3.00pm. Both on Sunday 15 June.

You can also complain to the Metropolitan Police about the proposed ban: 020 7230 1212. Boris Johnson is probably sorting that one out himself. Meanwhile I'm not sure the Operation Chasing Bush II "Manticore" collective are asking anyone for permission, saves being turned down like.

It's a bit wild I know, but hey ho.

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