Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guido Fawkes: Removes Saj Karim Pigs Reference?

Guido couldn't resist having a pop at Balls and Cooper in his Sunday Sleaze Round Up but also had a piece-let there on Lib-Dem-in-a-huff turned Tory boy Sajjad Karim employing his wife for £26,000 per annum.

That reference has been removed now. Wonder why that was? Sajjad Karim is a practicing solicitor. The porcine references may be particularly offensive. Guido is a four times drink offence criminal under nightly house arrest.

In fact, though there is cache of the first version of the post, and although there are almost 2000 hits on the matter of a Tory MEP paying his wife under the going rate for Tory wives, I can find no cache of the Guido page with this story. And the comments have been cleaned up too. Perhaps I dreamt the whole thing?

Can you throw any light on why Guido has cold feet on this one?


Anonymous said...

Could Guido get locked up under his drunk driving, no insurance, general bad behaviour case for going OTT in MEP banter by calling a muslim a P.I.G.?

Hang Fawkes said...

Bit unlikely ... we'd string him up, burn his balls and liver flambee in his face, chop off his legs and shit, then finally kill him if he asked nicely enough.

Free The Fawkes One said...

That seems a bit extreme Hang Fawkes. Are you perchance a fan? Has he now got a fatwa on him.

Anonymous said...

Has he also had to remove a post concerning a hard up but overpaid, sporty and nice Melissa?

Did I dream about it on Wednesday afternoon as I can't see it now!