Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Den Dover: Using His Winnings to Fund Tories

Not only has Den Dover personally given the Tories £57,000 of his gravy since 2001 but his family service company has donated almost £3000. That was in 2004 says Guido. Now, where else are there issues with a parliamentary representative possibly donating ill-gotten allowances money to his own office and/or to his own party?


tory boys never grow up said...

Given that the companies income was meant to be solely derived from amounts paid by the EU in order to pay expenses - can we presume that CCHQ will now be sending the £3000 staright back to the EU? Or perhaps it was derived from a tax fiddle and should be repaid to the HMRC?

Chris Paul said...

Well, EU rules for grants are almost always if not always that absolutely no profit may be made in the delivery of the services under grant-funded contracts. However this perhaps does not apply to service companies where it is not a grant as such paying them??

Indeed, this may be the reason that greedy MEPs are going into the more regulated companies route, though sub £250,000 per annum turnover (or thereabouts, this has changed during the period in question) they don't need audited accounts of course. Just impressions.

tory boys never grow up said...

The turnover limit for audit is now up to c£5.6m (one benefit of European harmonisation most Tories don't mind)- although of course you can avoid even this if you put the money through a partnership like Purves.

I suspect one reason for going the company route was so the "employees" could be paid in dividends and hence only suffer 20% income tax - a loophole that the Tories have consistently tried to keep open because it encourages enterprise etc.etc.

Still not sure why they have been able to generate such big profits - would love to see thier VAT returns.