Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Open Europe: Cameron Test Catches GOO and AD

Open Europe report on Dave Cameron's "reasonable person" test for the funding of politicians offices in which Dave suggests that the arrangements must look, feel and smell right to a reasonable person. Excellent. We'd like to see that put into action. Starting with the Shadow cabinet.

Leaving aside the MEP stuff, and the Nanny State Gate of the unfortunately unpopular big foot Caroline Spelman MP, brings us the funding of the political offices of Alan Duncan, and George Osborne and presumably others of their ilk.

Would these pass muster for the "reasonable person" in the street? I don't bally well think so young Cameron!

Please get to it. Withdraw the whip from these tricksters whose offices have been secretively funded by an extraordinarily dodgy oil company and by a bunch of high-powered commercial interests respectively.

Osborne's story of green lights from Commissioners hardly rang true, that Duncan is up to the same tricks many months later simply beggars belief. Perhaps the heat Vitol were feeling re Saddam and Armedinejad around Christmas was too much for him?

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