Monday, June 09, 2008

Tory Sleaze: Alan Duncan in £160,000 Oil Slick

Hopi Sen is being feeling very sorry for himself after drunkenly dancing like a doctor (obscure reference to a high spot in Graham Fellow (aka Jilted John, John Shuttleworth)'s ouevre low spot in The Freshies's ouevre (fronted by Chris Sievey aka Frank Sidebottom), or Ian Curtis as Hopi prefers. He is self effacing and says he's not up to much just now. Fragile. Then he pulls a fifth Tory sleaze story blinking into the light of scrutiny.

You know, Alan Duncan cuddling up with and mortgaging his future an Oil company fined big bucks in November 2007 for cosying up with the dearly departed ogre Saddam Hussein, and still doing 60% of Iran's oil imports until December last.

It's a Spectator link to a Sunday Times story originally. Has Lord Ashcroft got it in for Duncan? As well as for sleazy MEPs and that noughty Caroline Spelman MP? If not Ashcroft who is it trying to clear the Tory decks?

ABOVE: The Oil-fromto-Vitol-for-food specialist President Saddam Hussein.
TOP: Oil magnate Alan Duncan, soon to be sidelined Peter Ainsworth and stop at nothing David Cameron switch CCHQ to a green tariff, back in the day before Vote Blue Go Green was dumped. Sorry not been able to find the name of the other chap. They don't say.
LEFT: Vitol have a lovely logo and are funding the office of Shadow Business wallah and former trader Alan Duncan.

POSTSCRIPT: Guido thinks the Tory Sleaze MEPs will get tanked but has not posted my congratulatory comment which also linked to this post. Could it be Guido that's threatening me? See comments.

TELEGRAPH: Had the story about Duncan's undeclared c £160,000 from 30-year friend and boss of Vitol. Very similar to the story that should have got Georgey Porgey Pudding and Pie GOO Osborne canned all those months ago.


Anonymous said...

Cam: Reckon we can get this much in kickbacks from the oil companies for this much greenwash!
Dunc: That much? We'll have THIS MUCH no mistake.

i'm watching you said...

Be carefull what you post Chris asd it will bite you on the arse

Chris Paul said...

Is that a threat?

I think Saddam's left the planet now, so who is gonna get upset? Hopi Sen for drunk dancing reference? That was his confession.

Alan Duncan for the Sunday Times story that he's taken shed loads of money from a sleazy business to run his office? Unlikely.

If you have any specific proposed correction or clarification I'll be glad if you will point it out with alacrity and then I'll consider changing the post, also with alacrity.

If it is all factually correct then that's good isn't it?

tory boys never grow up said...

My guess is that Spelman and the MEPs were only put up as smokescreen to divert attention from elsewhere.

tory boys never grow up said...

Why do I get an irresistible urge to punch everyone in the first photo?

Lewis Chester is another Tory donor to watch - cuurently under investigation by the SEC for a little bit of market manipulation by his hedge fund.

Chris Paul said...

Lewis Chester? Not a seaside town as a surname but the forename almost qualifies. Never trust a Tory from a seaside town - Conwy, Chichester, Dover, Lewis ...