Monday, June 09, 2008

Blue on Blue: Guido Goes for the Dorries Clan

House arrest is suiting Guido very well. Now he's bearding the Nads and her researcher - also spookily named Dorries and somethingly related. (Not a permalink, sorry)

Jen's being paid only £7.50 an hour!! That's the Nads' story anyhow. That is extraordinarily high for an intern. Most get nothing. So three cheers for the Dorries clan for correcting that little problem without going OTT like a Conwy, a Chichester or a Dover. All those seaside towns, what are they like!

Guido has found a magic bullet to shut the garrulous one up as she rabbits on about the commies at the BBC and those horrible left wingers - like Open Europe and Guido Fawkes for example. And don't Labour and Lib Dem MPs and MEPs occasionally make mistakes? she asks. Yes! And they too get crucified by the media as the Tories cheer them on.

Often for much more trivial matters than these.

It's the Tories taking out the sleaziest Tories you silly billy Dorries! The media have a history of embracing and commenting the ass off any sleaze whatsoever. So watch yourself, you lifelong fibber you.


Letters From A Tory said...

Excuse me? Open Europe is not politically affiliated and has run their 'Transparency Initiative' on precisely that basis.

They do not agree with the Conservative approach to the EU because Open Europe believes in a transparent, democratic and open EU and no political party is pursuing that agenda.

Chris Paul said...

OK, but ... the point is not that they are Tories. I do not say that. But that they are not by any stretch of the imagination the horrible left wing press of Dotty Dorries' meanderings. All the press love a sleaze story and all of them and quite a few bloggers are running with them - not just us commies.