Monday, June 02, 2008

Conservative Cobblers: Devon and Cornwall Reshuffle

Recess Monkey catches the Tories vile plan to shuffle South West constituencies until they're dizzy enough to "vote Blue, go to hell in a Hummer".

UPDATE: Tories have now thought better of their jackass moves.


Anonymous said...

Took you a while to catch up with Hilton's latest moronic pseudo-comradely drivel, didn't it?

Keep this sort of rubbish up. Keeps you off the streets, at least, and spares Manchester residents the inane dribbling of a very bitter man.

Diablo said...

I thought the best thing to come from this latest vignette of yours, Chris, was the number of anti-Labour comments on the Hilton piece - particularly the one about Luke Pollard:

"Hmmmm. So after 11 years of Labour Government the best anti-Tory argument is that some web geek put an extra number on a map of constituencies?

Hold the front page everyone.
As for your man Pollard, hasn’t he got better things to do? Like finishing his homework or waiting for his balls to drop."


Oh, and Anonymous (20.33) you really must keep up the good work. I don't live in Manchester but it helps me sleep more soundly to know that Chris is confined to his attic dribbling incoherently. Well done.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks both. The map was of course littered with mistakes, not just the one as implied.