Friday, June 13, 2008

David Davis: Wronged Man Tries to Make a Splash

Iain Dale is 25 years behind the rest of us in recognising the Westminster Village gossip and power mills - running rather against his man - are hilariously detached from the real world. In this he closely follows Spectator Coffee House posts and comments of 12 hours and more before - particularly this one. But whatever, let's leave the Village to it. We have a real debate going on at Liberal Conspiracy.

Conor Foley and Jennie Rigg agree with Davis on 42 Days. But Conor argues that liberals should support him electorally while Jennie puts the case against supporting this mostly very illiberal character.

That being said Anthony Barnett says: 1. David Davis is a Star; 2. And Here's Why; 3. And Here Are His Facebook Groups; 4. And Here Are Some TV Encounters. It's safe to stick Anthony into the Conor Foley camp on this one.

Meanwhile Tom Griffin states that it was the DUP wot won it. Obvious? Well not really. I'm not sure Brown could have coped if they had voted Against but if they'd have abstained he'd have found a couple or five more votes in my opinion.

SEASIDE POSTCARD HUMOUR: Iain Dale has caught Kelvin in an early "gaffe". Slagging off Hull. Er Iain, the people of Goole and Howden and beyond may well concur with this appraisal actually. South of the River Goole, North of the River Howden, way out west of Hull itself may both identify more with York.

Like saying Felixstowe or Harwich is a shithole when you're campaigning for Frinton on Sea or Walton on the Naze. Get Iain an Atlas someone. Better get one for Kelvin too.

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