Friday, June 13, 2008

Irish Question: Wishful Thinking McGuF and O'Dale?

Both GuF HERE and Dale HERE seemed a bit quick to call the Irish Question. Having said that Waterford is a Crystal Clear NO. Well actually it's about 54:46 NO. With 25 counties including the Mets to come that's by no means conclusive.

However Waterford was 2% less negative in Nice One (that's Neece). Political Betting report here that the Irish Justice Minister has already conceded.


Newmania said...

Your blog reads as if you are making the case of an obscure protest group and while I appreciate New Labour are not flavour of the month at the moment I`m not sure its come to that yet.
This made me wionder why it is that new Labour seem to so marginal.
Bearing in mind that, as I have gleaned , you are quite a right wing Labour activist its a salutary thought what on earth the rest of them are like . Do you know you live your whole life down here and simply never meet socialists (outside London)


Chris Paul said...

You're not as daft as you look* are you Newmania? There be a candidacy or an officer post for you in the cuddy new Tories or Lewes soon.

* you're much dafter!

Anonymous said...

Does Newmania even read your stuff Chris. rarely if ever on topic. Same old broken record.