Friday, June 13, 2008

DD Stunt Becomes Farce: Some Kind of Rhyming Slang?

Nick Robinson gives ten reasons for his view that DD is a divisive fool. Da Fink concurs. Tim Montgomery thinks the Tories can survive a huge split personality. Yet a Tory Diary Poll claims 70% of Tories want DD back as SHS.

Actually it is "70% of anonymous Conservative Home readers that choose to take part in an online poll". YOU TOO can take part in their poll here. And this means the results need heavy caveating!


John Bull said...

Chris, Read your blog and clicked on the Nick Robinson link. What's significant is the overwhelming rubbishing of the ten points that Nick puts up. They're pretty weak. I haven't been the greatest David Davis fan but I'm so profoundly disgusted with Gordon Brown's grubby DUP deal and his unprecedented attack on our civil liberties that Davis has gone right up in my estimation. Do you not mix with ordinary non politicos? For those unaffiliated people with a mild interest in politics, Davis' resignation is electrifying.

Diablo said...

Amazing! Someone normal - other than me - commenting on Chris's Crock of Sh....! No, I won't say it. Keep up the good work, John.

Chris Paul said...

John Bull: Would you expect the DUP to be against 42 days on their track record? Davis' resignation is slipping off the agenda. Bit of a flurry tomorrow if he actually does the deed and resigns, more still if the house votes down his writ - sending him to purdah until around November which might be some sport.

Nick Robinson is a Tory and tribal and his may well not persuade you. But it is a stunt and a farce to boot.