Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Days: Lucky Sweep as Labour Grants Iain's Wish

Finally! Iain Dale is to cease and desist from blogging for three or four whole days. And absolutely no talk of a mini-me substitute this time! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! Hurray!

In other news: After 13 years living over the brush Iain Dale is getting partnered with John! Thanks to Labour action on gay rights. No thanks to the likes of the socially ultra-conservative David Davis. I've sent him a blog-o-gram:

Congratulations Iain, that's brilliant news. And getting partnered as well! Well done on the latter and good luck in keeping away from the blog. A sweep is being run. Which is lucky I believe.

So here goes.Iain has said that he will be away for between 66 and 80 hours.

Question one: When will Iain actually be back on the face of the blog for the first time after 15:00 BST?
Question two: When will the next post - proxy or otherwise - appear on his blog after 15:00 BST?
Question three: First appearance in comments on any blog after 15:00 BST today?

To set the ball rolling I'll say 28:33 and 18:07 hours and 07:57 respectively. Over to you. ABOVE: Edward Timpson and Caroline Spelman launch our blogsweep.

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Anonymous said...

All these guesses seem way too long.