Sunday, June 22, 2008

Femail: Outing Gay Policeman Agent Provocateur

Also at the Guido revelation about little Alan Duncan MP throwing his weight around in Andrew Marr's Green Room was a link to a story from Femail in which Yasmin Whittaker-khan "outs" a gay police inspector who was it seems acting as agent provocateur and trying to stir up anti-war protestors, shouting "Pigs Out" and the like. In the Mail of all places.

There must surely be a picture of this guy in action? Tall, dark, handsome. Well groomed. Neatly dressed. With a huge telephoto.

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Linda Jack said...

Chris, we will see if a picture emerges, but just to verify the story. Yas called me from the demo because she was so disturbed and the first question I asked was had she taken a photo!(which of course she hadn't thought to do) There is no doubt it was him - he recognised her immediately as she did him and action he has taken subsequently suggests he is worried.