Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alan Duncan MP: Did Marr Bottle the Big Oil Story?

Missed most of the Alan Duncan MP sensation on the AM Show today. But was the former Oilman, apparently still having his wheels oiled by Vitol, get quizzed on his non declaration of his office support? Or is the idea that he was quizzed at his ever-so-hep selection interview in Rutland and Melton on whether he'd heard of Annie Lennox (also a guest) the only "interesting" thing that Marr got out of the oily one?

UPDATE 11:40: Ahaaa, Guido is in the know. Marr was it seems silenced on the matter by the slimeball himself, but Peter Oborne had a go at pouring burning oil on untroubled waters. Strangely The Observer has rather buried news of Dr Liam Fox's donor shenanigans with the old news of Labour being in the red. Are all these crooked Tories now leaning on the media? Perhaps Guido will now get out of his shell and give Alan Duncan both barrels? And set the dogs on Fox?

UPDATE 15:11: Guido has let Dr Fox off with a mild rebuke even though what he and Osborne and countless others is far more serious non-compliance than the lateness of Hain who personally got fawkes-all from the relevant donations. Mark Pack links to the transcipt of a very mild grilling for the oily front bencher, along with various other Vitol related sleaze from him, and plenty more from other Tories to boot.

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