Sunday, June 22, 2008

When Blog Grrrls Fall Out: Twas Davis That Lost It

Quite a contrast between the attitudes of certain blog grrrrls to the sadness of Shami Chakrabarti over Andy Onion's disrespectful buffoonery. Labour Sadie (right) thinks Shami protests too much and that she has poured accelerant on the story by threatening Law over some silliness in a niche New Labour comic.

Meanwhile Lib Dem Alix (left) thinks the Culture Secretary is at the heart of a 'phone tapping conspiracy.

Neither of them has asked the obvious question. How did information about late night 'phone calls, tender or otherwise, and sweet urgings for fight not flight actually get into the gossip mill in the first place? The only sensible and realistic explanation is that either David Davis or Shami Chakrabarti spoke unwisely to supposedly loyal confidants.

My money would be on the head emptying maverick David Davis.


Sadie Smith said...

Christ, that's a dreadful photo. Yeah, I think I read in the LibCon comments on Alix's post (by Unity I think) that Basher had mentioned something about phonecalls on Newsnight or similar.

Anonymous said...

Chakrabarti is a self publicist stooge of the Tories.

Chris Paul said...

I'll get the pic changed when I get a chance Sadie ...

Shami is a one-issue campaigner who will take support for that issue from wherever she can get it.