Friday, June 20, 2008

The Exile: Tory Sancho Panza to Davis Don Quixote

Our Manc in Mexico has secured a fairly exclusive guest post from a proper candidate for the Hartemprice and Howden by-election.

This is David Craig a former management consultant poacher - now author and First Post "expert" - who has turned gamekeeper, railing at the government inter alia for employing so many of them. Pointing out too that MPs collectively cost £1M for every single day in the year. And he even offers a simple (in both senses) recipe for saving £50 Billion from the public finances.

This latter post completely neglects the direct losses of income tax revenues and negative multipliers of swingeing cuts in public sector payrolls.

But, hey ho, a right wing Sancho Panza chum for the lonesome faux-medieval-jurisprudence nutter David Don Quixote Davis.


Anonymous said...


Exile said...

Yeah, but public sector parasites such as social work scum are not productive of anything and do not produce a surplus out of their labours. So what happens when they pay tax is like a merry-go-round. The state pays them a wage and they pay part of it back in tax.

Why not just get rid of them altogether, cheer up the working class whose lives they make a misery, and save money at the same time?

Chris Paul said...

Point is Craig's analysis was and is actually really puny on this alleged £50 Billion saving. And what's more he did not target your bete noire of "social work scum".

Do you have "social work scum" in Mexico Ken? And if not has this substantially cheered up the underclass?

Exile said...

Actually, it is not the SWS per se that I hate, but the lower middle class as a whole, especially in local government. Stuff them and free up resources for us - easy-peasy. The point about the SWS is that everyone seems to hate them, so finding allies is easy.

There are social workers in this country, but they do a very different job. They are trained in statistics and collect and collate them. They are also very easy to bribe - even easier than the cops - so don't cause anyone any trouble.

My in-laws wanted to get their son into a certain school, so needed a social worker's visit to assess income. They wanted to go out that day so I handled it by giving him a fiver, telling him what to write on his form and sending him on his way happy.

Then again, they are not British poly semi-educated, with a big desire for status. Thus they have a healthy attitude to bastard work - a bit like me.