Friday, June 20, 2008

Snake Oil MP: No Links With "Russian Stallion"

We still cannot find any registration - connected to Alan Duncan MP - at either the Electoral Commission or the Parliamentary RMI of the funds apparently passported through from from Vitol to CCHQ to the Office of former Vitol employee Alan Duncan MP. As specifically arranged by Vitol themselves. Or, officially, by their CEO Mr Iain R Taylor. Though kind of denied by sleazy Duncan's spokesperson.

Perhaps this is why the Times and other articles have been taken down as they had suggested he Mr Duncan now registered this rather controversial interest? Perhaps I'm just not looking in the right places yet?

It would appear that Vitol boss and long-time Duncan mate Ian R Taylor, the President and CEO of the Vitol Group of Companies donated to (Conservative Central Headquarters) CCHQ as follows:

On 31 May 2006 a magnanimous £100,000; on 19 October 2006 a spookily small £8,000; and on 5 February 2008 a gusher of £50,000. Adding up to £158,000 hence the ease of weaselish contesting of the £160,000 figure.

Vitol have a turnover of some $115 Billion and rising. And let's just say they are not been adversely affected by the current manipulated hyper-inflation in both physical and future oil commodity prices.

Vitol has a great cutting file for right now and going back down the decades:

Confession of Grand Larceny on Iraq food-for-oil;
Second thoughts on similar in Iran;
Filthy dirty sleaze in the Congo;
Paying (i.e. arming?) Serb war-crim Arkan for sanctions busting;
plus Privatisation of oil-related assets of Albania.

Sadly at the time of writing we can find no link with the snake oil namesake Vitol Products whose all-natural goodies include: "Great Hair", "Russian Bear", "Number 9 Love Potion" and "Russian Stallion". Ingredients (!) for No 9 Potion are listed carefully above (manufacturers own analysis).

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