Friday, June 27, 2008

Iain Dale: Latest Immoderate Comment Moderation

Jailhouse John has caught Iain Dale allowing through a comment that simply says; "Hang Nelson Mandela!" (26th, 5:14pm) echoing the Federation of Conservative Students (FCS) distributed poster. This was of course around at the very same time that Mr Iain Dale was a leading light of the student Tories of his alma mater UEA. So did Iain ever wear one of these? Did Iain sign up with Barclays in the FCS counter-revolution against the National Union of Students led student boycott? And how about Cameron? And Johnson? And Osborne? And Spelman? And William Beggs?


Exile said...

This is all getting a bit desperate. I mean, Osborne was a student in about 1990 by which time SA had changed.

Chris, Nu-Labour is about ready to fall apart and we really need to be thinking about the new party that will fill the gap. South Wales is leading the way with the independents - including Dai Davis in the Commons - so what's happening in Manchester?

Chris Paul said...

Osborne, given. The rest of them and Dale - who is now calling Mandela names - should come out with their rationale for the Tory positions on apartheid. IMO.

Manchester Labour is in a far better place than let's say Henley Labour.

The replacement for Nu Labour is just Labour. New party is not going to happen. The independent left are IMO weaker than ever.

Get stuck into the Tories and the Libs. Catch Labour doing something right for once.

Exile said...

OK, so Dai Davis is just a figment of my imagination. Chris, he sits in Nye's old seat. Throughout the whole of South Wales the Labour Party is getting hammered. Luckily, the independents are really Labour men who can't stand Nu-Labour, so they will form the basis of the post deluge fightback.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that people in Ancoats, Miles Platting and Newton Heath - all Manchester districts - give a damn about what someone said about Mandela 25 years ago?