Friday, June 27, 2008

David Davis: Wronged Man Sets New Guinness Record

Jonathan Isaby pronouces David Davis a Record Breaker. If you wanna be the best, If you wanna beat the rest, Then dedication's what you need, That's what you need, as my old bosum mate Roy Castle used to wail.

Davis has attracted a total of 25 opponents. The most stupidity collected on one ballot paper EVER. 26 idiots in all. Previous record 19 at Newbury I believe. Hat tip: Jane's the One who also believes the Hooray Henley result ought to strike terror into Tory hearts.

Sadly wherever Jane's great mate Martin Slater lays his hat, blogwise quickly becomes re-possessed.


Anonymous said...

You spelt 'bosom' incorrectly, ass hole...

boris is london mayor said...

The Henley result was good our percetage went up.
Unlike the Labour Party who lost their deposit and finished 5th.
There should have been one more party to stand against Davis but your party don't have any balls do you.Scared to debate the 42 days at the polls.
Shame on your party

Chris Paul said...

"Debate the 42 days at the polls"? Go to the bottom of the class you muppet. Go somewhere where we have 11% of the vote in a general election and debate a point?

It is David Davis who is on the run on this one. He had the best seat bar none in the house to debate the matter and he walked away from it after a tiff.

And he stood to get a seat next where he could stop debating with himself and start doing, or not.

There may be a seat somewhere in the UK where you could have something approaching a referendum on this issue with David "28 Days" "Capital Punishment" "Section 28" Davis in the blue corner and an equivalent big beast in the red corner.

But Haltemprice and Howden? Huh! 25 muppets and a Green candidate with delusions.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous: Yes I spelt it wrong, but so did you. B-O-S-U-N, my bosun's mate. You also got ass hole wrong I think.

boris is london mayor said...

You are a bit of a prat aren't you?
Your party has no spine no class and no morals.
Get your dictator of a leader to call a general election then we can debate all you want at the polls.
But be prepared to get beat