Friday, June 27, 2008

Iain Dale: Right Wing Sentiments, Wrong Party

Have no idea what Iain Dale was on about in either headline or post yesterday morning: Iain Dale's Diary: Mandela: Right Sentiments, Wrong Country.

I still want to know whether Cameron, Osborne, Johnson et al did or did not take the FCS (Federation of Conservative Students) etc line of their college days and bank with Barclays? In defiance of world condemnation of Apartheid South Africa. And despite the obvious nature of that state's "torture, violent beatings and murder" to quote from Iain's patent twaddle.

Perhaps Iain Dale and other Tory bloggers of the era could set the ball rolling by confessing their own banking affiliations of the time? THEN, perhaps, cast the first stone at Nelson Mandela.

How Dare They? How Very Dare They?

If Iain rises to this challenge and gets the Shadow Cabinet coughing on this matter I will confess to as many as three, count 'em, Azanian errors I was party to in the day.

Meanwhile there is a thin end of a wedge developing to repeat the Barclays Boycott exercise. Whether over problems on the home front and/or over alleged connivance with Zimbabwe's fascist dictator.


Exile said...

Boris was not in the Tory party in those days. Well, he may have been a member of OUCA, but that doesn't mean that he was a card carrying Tory.

He ran for elections as the Limehouse candidate, so he was tied in with what became the Lib-Dems.

Hope this helps.

Exile said...

Oh, one other thing - the FCS were treated as something nasty that you occasionally find on your shoe by most OUCA people. I remember when the Club invited one of those little scrotes over and the meeting was very poorly attended. It was Trinity Term so most OUCA hacks went off for a day on the river, leaving the FCS wallah with just the Monday Club for company.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Ken ... nonetheless there is a cloud of secrecy over whether the Sloanes and Hearties that make up the elite of Cameron's Tories did or did not defy the general boycott Barclays shift of the day. And how about Iain Dale and the UEA Tories?

Anonymous said...
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jailhouselawyer said...

Hi Chris

Check out the comments on that thread @ 45.

I picked it up here...

Ian Dale says hang Mandela

And, so has Tim Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps I can recall those FCS/YC "T" shirts -

Hang Nelson Mandela

Is there, I wonder, any photo evidence of our current Tory leadership wearing them - Or did/do they clash with the Bullingdon uniform ?


Chris Paul said...

I've been looking around on Google for stuff on the historic Barclays boycott seems scarce. Almost like someone such as those s******** who hoovered up after Creosotemanov has been doing the rounds and cleaning up.

Any and all pointers appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Where's the big story of the day - the Labour Party trailing the BNP in Henley?

Cut to Chris Paul, towel around head, knee-deep in largatyl, singing the Internationale breaking wind in Manchester.

Hennigan's Chemist said...

You mean Largactyl?

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous ... Henley just isn't a big story. I did it the post before this. And I'd done it again before i read this crapulence from your good self.

Here's my take on the result:

A little upsetting to be bested by the Greens or BNP anywhere. But on this turnout in this general political background we'd have to expect a fairly low to extremely low turnout in the small number of EDs in Henley-on-Thames where Labour have any core support.

A by-election where Labour are not major combatants is not a draw for low-motivation voters who may do a general election but cannot be bothered with anything else.

BNP voters are often completely non voters in the normal run of things. 50-60% of them anyway. And of course there was a huge squeeze by the Tories and the Lib Dems going on.

Your last remark is just contemptible along with your cowardice. And hennigan's chemist is right you cannot even spell your own top class (not) insults.

Exile said...

"Cloud of secrecy"? You are joking because that suggests that folk give a stuff and I don't think that they do.

I don't know David Cameron, but I don't recall anyone at Oxford 25 years ago really caring all that much about SA. The miners' strike was on and that was a big issue - and quite a few Bullingon types gave money to the support committee that Ruskin College ran.

If you want to know about SA then you are going to have to dig into the OUMC as they were the ones who wanted to hang Nelson Mandela. However, there were so few Clubbers, and they tended to be the sort of grammar school scrotes that never got invited to anything, so who cares?

UEA??? For God's sake!