Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Leslie: Alleged Thuggish Sexual Predator Arrested

John Leslie has been arrested for a 1995 rape (Press Association). Again. Picture from Rockall Times.

UPDATE 11:30: Leslie's wiki entry explains he got off the last time a case against him progressed. Extraordinary and perverse IMO.


Anonymous said...

Contempt of Court anyone ?


Chris Paul said...


Boris is london mayor said...

I hope so

Anonymous said...

This is contempt of court and highly irresponsible.
It prejudices a fair trial and could therefore prevent either side receiving justice.
You could also be jailed for an unlimited period.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the little shite is banged for a very long time so we are spared his inane blog.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks all. Do I have to produce the witness and the assaulted woman?

Perhaps Ulrika-ka-ka would do her duty this time round and testify?

Anonymous said...

No - the prosecution has to produce these in court.

What you have to do is shut the hell up in the meantime so that justice can run its course.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks anonymous. I had changed the post a very long time before your latest advice.

For the avoidance of any doubt the incident to which I no longer refer in my post is not AFAIK the one for which Leslie is now being prosecuted, and the Ulrika allegation to which I still refer is not the one either.