Monday, June 23, 2008

Iain Dale: Boris Johnson Bottles First Mayoral Race Row

Boris Johnson is getting a right drubbing from Conservatives for accepting the resignation of one of his Aussie Advisors, his "Political Advisor" James McGrath, who appears to have been at least ill-advised in his remarks about Caribbean elders being welcome to screw off home if they don't like Boris. That's not verbatim by the way.

More from Iain Dale who slags Boris off good style right here. It will be very interesting to see where McGrath returns to the fray. There's an election in the USA quite soon I hear. Where such top skills as James's could be really handy.

UPDATE Tues 9:14: For the avoidance of doubt. I think James and Boris have done the right thing. What I'm questioning is the Tory reaction.


Anonymous said...

Seems that even such a dead-beat leftie as yourself cannot be arsed about McGrath's response.

Pity for you, however, Boris has played a blinder.

Pity for you, moreover, what it says about race politics.

Boris might sacrifice one individual because he knows he has to do that to kill the issue.

Hundreds of thousands of black kids get fucked by a piss-poor education system, courtesy of the Labour Party's PC education policies.

The whole of the UK's white middle-classes practise rigid apartheid. Nothing is said.

An innocuous comment of no consequence. All hell breaks loose.

Chris Paul said...

Come on anonymous. Use your name. You know you want to.

I agree that Boris and James have now done the right thing. What I'm questioning is the response of Iain Dale and 90% of the Tory commenterati who claim that Boris has made a terrible error.

On the matter of what you call the piss poor education system the real problems are the segregation into public and private, the remaining selection within the public sector, including outright selective schools, faith schools, single sex schools and other disruptions.

You're right about middle class flight in some areas. But more fool them I say. There is often significantly better value added and even absolute results in the schools the idiots drive by in their 4 x 4s.

I know there was in the school my kids went to.

But on the substantive matter please anon identify yourself and explain why Tories like Dale don't agree that Boris has played a blinder?