Monday, June 23, 2008

Oily Duncan MP: Transcript from Andrew Marr Show

Here is part of the transcript of the interview referred to here yesterday:

AM: Thank you for coming in. I do want to ask you first of all about this News of the World story saying that you've, you know you haven't declared money that's been coming ..
AD: Yeah.
AM: .. in. Peter Oborne raised it.
AM: And he raised you raising it. So what's the truth?
AD: Well the truth is that all my declarations are fully in order and always have been. There's a lot of misinformation going around in the press and I'm afraid Peter O..
AM: You ... you didn't take this money?
AD: No. Peter Oborne has completely lost it this morning. But that's in the nature of life.
AM: Well I must ask you also did you ever, were you ever involved in sanctions busting over Serbia ¿ oil sanction busting?
AD: No I've never ever done any business in Serbia and I ..
AM: All right.
AD: .. just simply don't know what he's on about and I know you're not responsible for Peter Oborne.

Here's more from a Lib Dem Voice round up (before they all went to Henley and closed up shop!):

>>>> UPDATE: News of the World also has a splash on four Conservative front bench MPs - “Tory’s £3m stash: Four high-flying Shadow Cabinet members in new money-grabbing scandal”.

It includes more on the question of Alan Duncan’s links:

Also under fire is Shadow Energy Secretary ALAN DUNCAN. He made his millions as an international oil trader but now draws up the Tories’ policies on energy.
Duncan faces demands to explain why he did not declare a £160,000 donation from oil tycoon Ian Taylor. It was registered as a gift to the Tory party, but Mr Taylor’s spokesman said it was given to Duncan’s private office.
However, we can reveal Mr Duncan has also failed to tell the Register of Interests that he has now been made a director of Arawak Oil, part-owned by Vitol which is controlled by Mr Taylor. <<<<

Mr Taylor being the donor of £158,000 to the Tory Party. And President and CEO of the rather sleazy and accident-prone Vitol Group. Money which he believed was going direct to Alan Duncan's office costs. But Duncan says (laughing) that he's 100% above board. What should we think?

The biggest non-declaration, amounting to the thick end of £3 Million on its own, was not forthcoming from Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Phillip Hammond.

The News of the World also printed this picture of Caroline Spelman's alleged Constituency Secretary and known (albeit unpaid) Childcare Worker.

The Nanny's garrulous father-in-law said in so many words that she was very ungifted clerically probably didn't have the hard or soft skills required to be a secretary.

Assuming Michael Crick's story about a Kent address when she was first "constituency secretary" is true Tina seems to have relocated to the West Midlands.

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