Saturday, June 07, 2008

Knife Crime, So Last Week: Try Telescopic Police Batons

Now that knives have become so very unfashionable it may be that readers will wish to try telescopic police batons instead. Cheap as chips too. Or is the advert just a bit misleading? Yes. They're 36 to 78 Euros depending on specification.


Anonymous said...

Never mind this boll*cks.

There are the tolerant liberal values of British society to defend (by those on both left and centre-right) against the ContinuityIDS Evangelicals. It seems even you have been censored on ConHome for daring to question it's editor's loopy Americanised position on abortion and also the member for Mid-Narnia's lies. What about that?

Chris Paul said...

OO-er. LDV censored me for saying they Henley man seemed a bit of a bullshitter to me ... nothing worse than that. Well he does. And it's my free speech right to express it.

The sooner these Tories come out fully fundamental the better. Tomorrow's Sunday. That'd do nicely. The CH poll saying the candidates are even worse social illiberalism fundies needs to be pimped around a bit.

The idea of Cameron as PM is bad enough ... at the head of a crew of shiny happy people ready to kill to force everyone else to be shiny and happy people too?

Nein Danke.