Saturday, June 07, 2008

More Anon: Leech and Con Home Join LDV as Censors

An anonymous comment on the previous post advises me that Conservative Home's editors have censored a comment of mine disagreeing with other points of view there.

Commenting along the lines that the ComRes poll used by Nadine Dorries MP was a travesty with leading fibs in the leading questions, and that Nads herself is a habitual nay lifetime fibber in this and very many other matters. Bloggerheads dealt with the issues with both the poll and Nads' interpretation HERE.

One of these editors - Tim Montgomerie - is seen right with swivel eyed Nads after she won him in a raffle. Or something like that.

Lib Dem Voice took out a comment of mine about their Henley candidate which was neither defamatory nor profane. It was around him appearing to me to be a bit of a bullshitter. For which there is now copious video evidence on his site. And I think from memory I may also have pointed out that when we talk of "Charity Work" we usually mean unpaid work for a charity, rather than highly paid work for a charity we set up. No, that one's still there. Good.

And now some shadowy figure, apparently acting on behalf of John "Hospital Hoax" Leech MP, has been on to the post before last telling me to take something down, without even stating their name or qualification for making such a request.

Interesting times we live in.

The Cuddly Nu Tories are becoming fundamentalist social illiberalists before our very eyes, the semi-ficial blog of the Lib Dems is showing the way to free speech by censoring reasonable comment, and someone called only "Anon" is throwing their weight around trying to censor my own blog.

More anon. As we used to say here quite a lot.

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