Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Open Sesame Street: Link To The 36 Labour Rebels

Labour Outlook have the list of Labour Rebels on Open Sesame Street. 42 would have been nice. And barring Ann Widdecombe the Tories played nice for Dave.

The nine DUP MPs have a Unionist heritage that includes NI PM Brian Faulkner introducing internment in Northern Ireland in 1971 as a reaction to escalation in and a further stimulus to the troubles. He lost the job and NI lost home rule following Bloody Sunday on 30 January 1972.

UPDATE 22:14: Benedict Brogan says he got a glimpse of a long 'statement on the occasion of a defeat'. But I'm liking Comrade Durkin's analysis of a humliating victory snatched from the jaws of a humiliating defeat.

UPDATE 23:15: Mr Brogan excellently reasonable on Newsnight, but not impressed with Mr Rawnsley nicking Durkin's construction with downgrade to embarrassing. Is AR now on the decadent side with his agendas and all?

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