Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why Now, Why Surrey?: Clever Leak Stymied by Citizen?

Euro Blogger Jon Worth worries about the delay in publication of a story about a lost-on-a-train JIC report on terror matters. Perhaps it was supposed to hit the streets sooner? Or not at all? Who knows?

[FarFetched]Like the majority of the political bloggerati Jon wanted the 42-days measure to fail. However I'm not so sure the 30 hours plus delay in publicising a "Top Secret" loss that occured at 9 am on Tuesday helped Brown win. If these papers had fallen into different media hands could the passage of the legislation have actually got a boost? If the story had been the assessment of Al Queda's strengths and threat?

Presumably Jon thinks the Pinkos, or rather the New Laybos, at the BBC held the story back until the vote was done?

Let's be fair. Their security correspondent Frank Gardner, a Surrey man and a possible inward commuter at just about the right time if ever I saw one, would have had to read and evaluate the contents of the two reports - before going public? And to be fair the contents were probably 99.9% public knowledge. They can't even manage a strategic leak! Or perhaps that Tory woman who used to run MI5 things called in a favour? Beyond parody.[/FarFetched]

TORY FIBS 00:12: The heavily disguised, as a floppy-haired, bright-eyed make-over victim and human being, Tory drone Dominic Grieve - quite likeable actually - has just blatantly fibbed that Ulster Unionists were consistently against internment. They did actually invent it Dominic! And Tories under Ted Heath sadly maintained it. Around 20 times as many Republicans as Loyalists were held under the legislation.

STRANGE BBC SLIP: Newsreader at 01:18 calls the JIC material lost on a train "US Reports".

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