Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phew, What a Relief: Hennigan Agrees Not to Sue LOL

For the avoidance of any doubt >> no reasonable person would seriously think I had suggested in any way << that the choirboy-gone-wrong Dave Hennigan, also known as a dissembling and drunken and abusive Lib Dem agent, was ever personally chastised on the buttocks or felt on the testicles by Sir Cyril Smith etc. >> How could he have been? He was never a vulnerable boy or young man under the latter-day-saint Cyril's duty of care in a home. Mr Hennigan is I believe from a large and loving extended family of Hennigans. Not some lost boy. <<

Sir Cyril Smith etc DID campaign for Stefan Kisko, subsequently cleared, to be HANGED. And Sir Cyril Smith etc DID take shares in Turner etc asbestos makers and protest their innocence against all the ASBESTIOSIS evidence. Getting boo-ed in The House. And Sir Cyril Smith etc DID offer various naughty boys and naughty young men in homes the chance to take his PERSONAL justice, there and then, rather than facing something else.

Personal justice IN WHICH it seems he would have them bare their bottom cheeks or in some cases had them strip off bare bollock naked, in some cases then have their testicles held by his right honourable pudgy self as they coughed, and then submit to whatever buttocky smacking across his lap that he then cared to dispense ... A good old-fashioned Smithly spanking "ON THEIR ASSES" as Sadie Smith (a very coarse girl indeed, but no relation AFAIK to the sainted Sir Cyril) seems to say quite a lot.

The man is now 80. So what? My gran is 102 but lovely, all her life lovely. Cyril's moderately great age is NO EXCUSE for being a REACTIONARY, PERVERTED, repeat REACTIONARY, PERVERTED bully and continual fuckwit. The pride of the Liberal Democrats of Rochdale and the World. But why is that?


Dave Hennigan said...


You have no idea - legal proceedings will be launched forthwith -

Take me on - I've told the lawyer that I am willing to take it as far as it goes. It's you versus..........


Toby said... idiot!

Chris Paul said...

Hennigan - what are you on about? You told me the impression that you had that you considered defamatory, and I have made it very clear indeed that I meant no such thing.

End of.

Toby! Brilliant!!

David Ottewell said...


Purely on a legal point: what matters isn't what you meant, but how what you said would be interpreted by a reasonable person.

Implication and innuendo can be libellous if the implication or innuendo is suitably clear.

It's amazing how many people don't appreciate this.

Anyway - carry on, chaps!

Chris Paul said...

Thanks David

Reasonable people aware of this law have already viewed this material and cannot see Hennigan's case whatsoever.

A number of them are quite worried that Hennigan being let's say a rather flawed character will be minded to to try a suicide bombing approach. So there is a litigation risk in the sense that there will be some here.

But whereas Hennigan nurses ambitions/fantasies to be an MP etc (OMG!) I certainly don't and he has the most to lose here by far. Apart that is from losing all his money.

H certainly is not "reasonable people" though. And as this proponent of very extraordinary and IMO nasty tactics and fibs seems to be in a very parlous state I am seriously considering removing the material he says he objects to.

As you know there are a good few successful defences on allegations of defamation including humour.

I've not checked my email for quite a while and really must take a look before H and his imaginary 24/7 lawyer are back from the pub.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris -

If that Tosser tries his luck I will be more than happy to appear in court to stand in the box and swear that your secific article and comments did not induce me to view the plaintiff with any additional contempt or ridicule.

Due to previous matters I know you are aware of my contact details.

Should this tosser DH wish my details you have my full authority to deliver them by E-Mail.

And for your authority this post shall be your warrant.

GW = Gareth Williams

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Gareth

But will you count as "reasonable people" in the meaning of the law?

Best w

Chris P

(Any and all Hennigan stories are of course welcome. But please don't ever say he's been spanked by Cyril because that is very obviously not the case).

Anonymous said...

But Sir Cyril (80) has surely had his arse kissed (smack, smack) and fondly licked by young Hennigan on Lib Dem Voice?

Anonymous said...

Chris has a dangerously slim understanding of libel, as well as contempt, it seems.

Chris Paul said...

Is that right?

Anonymous said...

"But will you count as "reasonable people" in the meaning of the law?"

The courts have believed so in the past !


Anonymous said...

A public retraction needs to be extremely carefully phrased (newspapers always get lawyers to do so) and it also needs to be in agreement with the aggrieved party.

As I do not specifically know what Mr Hennigan is objecting to I cannot tell whether you have just repeated the libel, but if his objection is to your innuendo then I would suggest that you probbaly have.

And whatever you may think, humour is not a defence - Private Eye get away with it [some of the time] because they have good lawyers. Do you have good lawyers?

Dave Hennigan said...


I spoken to my solicitor and I have agreed on this occasion not to press ahead with any legal remedies. It is clear from what you have removed that you indeed realise the severity of what you had published.

I would warn you about your future conduct though and please be aware that I will be keeping a keen eye on your blog and won't hesitate to go further if this conduct and behaviour is repeated.


jailhouselawyer said...

I've come across someone in prison called Hennigan, I don't suppose it's the same one?

Chris Paul said...

JHL: We'd probably know about it if Mr D Hennigan had in fact been locked up in prison. I'm not going to say he's not going to end up in one one day. But AFAIK he hasn't been held at Her Majesty's pleasure at the time of writing.

Dave: You truly have completely out-foxed me on this one. Good luck with the old spanker's jamboree.

ebagum said...

So, in the interests of openness and transparency, would you support the publication of the cpmplete list from 'Operation Ore'? I've heard that there are one or two interesting local names on there.

I know that would mean publishing unsubstantiated allegations, but that hasn't seemed to stop you up to now.