Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two-Faced Fawkes: Fox Off, but Never Never Wendy

The BBC report another round in what Fawkes calls Donorgate:

Wendy Alexander broke parliament rules by failing to register donations to her successful Scottish Labour leadership campaign, MSPs have ruled.
The cash was not placed on her register of interests, Holyrood's standards committee heard.

Here's Fawkes setting up a crowing situation for his gang. The BBC also carried this explanatory paragraph :

Ms Alexander had said parliament officials wrongly told her it was unnecessary to declare donations, but later updated her register with details of 10 donors who each gave about £1,000 to her leadership campaign.

Meaning that the total, correctly reported AFAIK to the Electoral Commission if that was required, but not added to the RMI was around £10,000.

Caroline Spelman : £40,000 plus into her own pocket, plus cover up;
Alan Duncan : £158,000 into office from Vitol, undeclared, and Directorship of Arawak, also undeclared, in fact if anything these are denied;
Phillip Hammond : £2.7M into own pocket from Property Profits, undeclared;
Dr Liam Fox : £57,500 from two-named plus £? from three others, undeclared;
Derek Conway : Gazillions into family fortunes;
John Leech : £45,000 to goodness knows where (ditto Rowen et al), allowances used for political print;
White Knight David Davis : Leadership Campaign irregularities;
Dave Cameron and most of the gang : Misdeclared and undeclared flights from non-resident's company; etc etc etc

Here's what GuF (who is incidentally chopping out my comments line by line just now) said about Dr Fox in his Sunday Sleaze column:

Dr Fox Declared Donations in Register But Not to Electoral Commission
[Pig in Shit image]
Technical breach - same as Osborne - forgot to declare them twice. More incompetent than crooked.

CORRECTION Thurs 23.22: At the time of writing it seems (a) that Caroline Spelman only rooked the taxpayer to the tune of about £25,000, apologies; and (b) following testimony from MP's partner and former Spelman aide Sally Hammond the Tory lynch mob are gathering. Sally or her hubbie Stephen MP are no relation to Phillip MP as far as I know. He is heading the Tory non-declaration rich-list just now.


Guido Fawkes said...

You are banned period and deleted on sight. You have been told this before - perhaps you didn't understand. Don't come back.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers mate. Must say you have been a bit patchy on this policy of yours.

ebagum said...

So, absolutely no reason for her ever to resign then?

Must dash, the news is just about to come on!

Guido Fawkes said...

You are truly the idiot's idiot. She has gone. Don't tell me about news values.