Friday, June 13, 2008

Question Time and Ireland Poll: Michael Gove Sucks

Busy night on the television, though avoiding Iain Dale is becoming increasingly difficult. Someone at the above trail for Iain's appearances on the loathed MSM featured a comment suggesting Gove was good on QT.

Mmmm. I thought Michael Gove did come over moderately well but that Tony McNulty was rather good too. Better even. Unexpectedly so from my POV. Shirl the Pearl, solid. Thoughtful Sun wallah, did what it said on tin. June Sarpong, genial and with a knack to crystalise sensible answers in a few words.

Gove has of course lost it completely when he uses a poll in Ireland involving around 0.25% of the EU population with perhaps 0.13% voting for the winning position as an example of democracy. A 27-way veto is clearly not democracy. 26 national parliaments would be democracy of the representative sort. But 0.13% imposing views either way on 99.87% is not though is it?

Turnout at a fairly low 40% in Ireland means it is at best nip and tuck with a fairly solid 20% NO vote irrespective of the wonders that Ireland has achieved, pump primed by Objective 1 Billions.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only person starting to find Dale increasingly irritating?

Chris Paul said...
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Chris Paul said...

I don't suppose you are. But I find him really refreshing myself. And important. And such a good blog. So honest. Always keen to own up when he's wrong.

Seriously, so long as he is Tory Blogger Iain Dale that's OK. If he starts being analyst Iain Dale or journalist Iain Dale or expert Iain Dale that will not be OK.

He cannot be an anchor or editor or reporters as he is so obviously partisan. We all want to slap Nick Tory Robinson at times obviously, but he has been mostly OK in his reporting. Crick goes for Labour stories too.

The Total Politics "neutrality" angle may make this unravel a bit in coming weeks.

jailhouselawyer said...

There I was watching Newsnight, drinking my glass of ale and smoking a spliff...

Then splutter and cough, and a rather sick looking Iain Dale pops up.

I have to say, he performed rather better than GUF when he made his appearances.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed, GuF reached the all time nadir when it comes to bloggers on TV ... but if he resumes his search for Tory pork scratchers - soon - then we'll forgive him that.

Paddy Briggs said...

Iain Dale the blogger I like a lot. Easily the best political blog that I have found. I have returned to it after a brief gap (I can't stand Tory triumphalism !) and will continue to contribute - despite the occasional insults. For example To my statement that "I can be English and British and European un-self-consciously." an anonymous blogger said:

"Certainly without the intervention of any brain function. Self-important boring twat."

Iain does try and keep these idiots under control but he really should avoid posting anonymous posts that are no more than gratuitious insults.

Iain the politician I am not sure about. He's far too cloe to the David Davis wing for my tastes and Iain's barely disguised Engliosh nationalism is more UKIP than Tory. Maybe he's lived in Tunbridge Wells too long...

But he does seem a decent bloke (for a Conservative!) and I certanly hope that his blog flourishes - it deserves to.