Friday, June 13, 2008

Mackenzie and Murdoch: Ready to Run Against Davis?

The right wing tosser and Scot-in-denial Kelvin Mackenzie told us two interesting things in This Week's first discussion tonight.

First, that he had witnessed David Davis being "iced", frozen out, for the past two years by the Cameroonies, most recently at a spectacular Spectator knees up where only Ben Bradshaw looked as sad, according to Kelvin.

Second, that Rupert Murdoch had proposed he himself (KM) run in the upcoming by-election AND that he (RM) would foot the bill for the campaign.

Probably not quite Luke's dream candidate. But remarkably close with the daft LA in opinions on many matters on which this blogger tends to disagree pretty strongly with all three of them.

IMAGE: Strung up Kelvin with gratuitous Labour Rose from Kirkby Times.

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