Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sadie Smith: I Say Shami Chakrabarti I Say, NOOO!

Me-yow! Our favourite landlady Sadie Smith says our favourite Liberty chieftain Shami Chakrabarti is barred pretty .... annoying.

At almost perfect Henry Porteresque length. And likewise with just un petit peu of an idée fixée on display. Anyway, according to SS, she - that's SC - stands to take a tumble with DD. They've seduced one another. But she has done the Tories a favour by working in close formation with the fashion industry's eminence orange to out the mutinous maverick early doors.

CAPTION: Batty, Berty and 'Barti welcome to the House of Fun.

UPDATE 17:01: Sadie's suggestion of "seduction" is, I'm certain, not talking of romance. Conservative Home report Shami cutting up rough over suggestions of the latter by a certain onion drinker on the parliamentary estate.


Silent Hunter said...

Is this the best New Labour can say about liberty?


Bye Bye New Labour at the next election...........hopefully forever.

Chris Paul said...

David Davis is a chump. He is a confused chump at that. And totally out of step with conservatives at large.