Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tory Boy: Really Not Sure He Knows His Onions

A certain prominent Tory Boy Blogger caught up with Rt Hon Andy Burnham's membership of a very-harmless-student-jock-excuse-for-a-drink-and-a-t-shirt Fitzwilliam College society around 96 hours after everyone else. Presenting the story as a kind of Blogsclusive, only previously trailed in a local paper.

If the Sun's Whip column were vindictive, and if any Sun readers had even heard of Iain Dale, his teasing, inaccurate teasing at that, about having stories 24 hours after they first surface might become a humiliating comeuppance. Which isn't about one quarter as late as Mr Dale is.

The fact he's tried to make a group of minor Poxbridge college funseekers into the equivalent of the Bullingdon betrays his naive tea-total take on life. No link as I'm cutting down. But you know where he lies.

LINKS SPECIAL: Oh alright then. Here's some pre-Burnham Mornie Onion splitting hairs and here's one, with the agricultural Land Economy chip on shoulder and Cambridge Blue spitting feathers, and here's the disrespect for his former course that he's spitting those feathers at. All Telegraph, natch.

Sadly not a single one of my multitude of drinking clubs googles up. Well, that's a lie if ever I tapped one. But they don't ALL come up.

IMAGE EXPLANATION: When I made this post and tapped a google image search with - Iain Dale Onion - this was the first return that was not News international proprietary.

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Iain Dale said...

Oh really! You really do take the biscuit sometimes you twatty muppet. Are you say I is a cockroach? Well I'm not one. And I can prove it.

If I said the earth was flat and Nadine Dorries was sane you'd say I was wrong now wouldn't you?