Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tony Lloyd MP: Fingers Tory Shadow First Eleven Funds

Yesterday at 2:30pm my MP Mr Tony Lloyd took the Tory sleaze fight to the Conservative Front bench:

When my right hon. Friend talks about building a consensus, does he think that there is a consensus in favour of making sure that the transmission of money from donor to donee should be clear at every stage? That is the case with moneys given by the trade unions to the Labour party, but there has never been clarity about the moneys given through the Conservative party to the 11 members of the shadow Cabinet who took money from private sector donors without ever declaring it.

HERE. Got a little rap on his knuckles for not warning the Eleven Squalid Tory Shysters he was going to mention them in his speech.
Not quite sure which eleven he has in mind is the other problem.

But Hedgey Cameron (link soon come), GOOey Osborne and Oily Duncan must certainly feature in that First XI.

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