Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tory Boy Blogger: Loyal Toast Follows Tumbleweed

After a few hours of gags about tumble weed at the Dale blog there has been a loyal toast. Should Labour stand a candidate or not? Probably not. What do you think? And is Iain out on a limb on this one?:

Robinson; Isaby; Conservative Home Survey; Fraser Nelson.

MORE: Fraser Nelson again. Very good on College Green on BBC etc too. Spectator Coffee House are in general calling a Labour boycott of this by-election a move to harm the Tories the most. Only a powerhouse Anthony Blair candidacy could match Davis' passion. But let's not go putting ideas into his mind.


Anonymous said...

Why stand a candidate in an unwinnable seat when Davis has already struck a deal with the Lib Dems to ensure he is re-elected? If Davis was serious he would have welcomed all comers and had the courage of his convictions that his position would be vindicated. The fact he has ensured the Lib Dems will not threaten his re-election simply marks him out as a coward and the whole thing as a farce.Let him 'battle' it out with the BNP,UKIP and a whole host of other nutter parties.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, the Lib Dems are his DUP on this one. Which btw is deliberately at least double edged.

Evan Price said...

The problem for Labour is that they look frightened of the argument if they don't stand and they'll lose if they do stand ... not sure which is better.

Chris Paul said...

No-one would expect Labour to win this with less than 13% of the votes and 84% with the Lib Cons. Whatever they feel about detention without trial the people of East Yorks will stick him back in. Short of a Blair candidacy - and this is his policy after all - or Cam deselecting Basher I think the right thing to do is save several forests of leaflets and simply not stand.

There is an idea floating around of getting behind a one-issue anti-terror pro-internment candidate but that doesn't work for me - given my views.

As Cassilis was saying the timing of this gesture is all wrong. If there were 300 guys and girls languishing in some dungeon on a rota because of this silly (proposed) law then he'd get more traction. Lords will try and nail it. Brown will try and save it.

Anonymous said...

Well I am sure that a few leaflets suggesting that DD is on an ego trip, and contrasting the cost of this bye-election with the local tory council saying they have not got enuf money would do wonders.

On the other hand accidents do occour, nomination papers can be cocked up, or indeed Labour backbenchers voting against the writ of bye-election.


Chris Paul said...

Voting against the writ? How would that help GW??

Anonymous said...

"Voting against the writ? How would that help GW??

If enough voted to refuse the writ DD would be out of Parliament untill the next sesion starting Nov.

This would give more than enuf time for a destructive campaign in Haltemprice - Nasty Enough ??