Friday, June 06, 2008

Tory Boy Bloggers: Are GuF and Con Home Turning?

Can't say I quite buy into Mark Hanson's analysis at the PR Media Blog that GuF and Conservative Home have turned great venom on Dave. What they've actually done is given some faulty Tory MEPs a good kicking and called on Dave to be tough on any wrong doing.

In fact as Iain "Softly Softly" Dale pointed out Conservative Home were calling for the benefit of the doubt. But then he's always been soft on Tory sleaze that one. But, steady as she blows.

Neither Guido nor Conservative Home were Dave's greatest cheerleaders through the leadership election and GuF was of course highly and frequently critical of Web Cameron project bogosity and pomposity.

GuF may be the attack dog that nips at anyone's ankles (and throat) that presumes to impinge on his liberty. Conservative Home however may be working for Dave, making him look tough, as Mark speculates:

Or was this another Tory HQ sponsored attack on some problematic MEPs? Not sure yet but will find out…..


tory boys never grow up said...

It all looks very stage managed by CCHQ - I'm sure that there is something else in the story that they don't want to come out. Somehow doubt that they would be announcing an investigation by thir compliance officer - so that he would then be free to dig up something nasty, such an investigation would normally be done very quietly and would not be preannounced (and their compliance officer presumably knows about these things given his City backround). They know what it is and they are hiding it - my guess is that we should look somewhere else other than where they are pointing.

Someone is leaking all this information to Guido - and they clearly have some motivation for doing so.

Chris Paul said...

Mmmmm. The Purvis stuff Guido actually has comes straight from his declaration of members' interests entry.