Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tory Home: Thatcher and Heseltine = Job Snatchers

Tony Lodge writes on Conservative Home that gas supplies are now quite an issue. Very observant that. He could have let on that the destruction of the Coal Industry by Heseltine and Thatcher in the '80s was significant in reaching this point. But he does not.

Useful comment suggests correctly that local generation, possibly from energy recovery i.e. burning un-recyclables, may be the answer. With up to 80% of generated electricity for industry, commerce and domestic use - from whatever source - leaked away from the National Grid, to no effect whatsoever, this is absolutely spot on.

Once again we have Nadine Dorries MP setting the agenda and leading the way for the Tories. Another Maggie in the making? But dim as an 11W bulb at Cup Final kettle time.

Meanwhile, catching the zeitgeist, Hopi Sen searches for the missing master narrative, finding redistribution of hope, security and opportunity. And he selectively quotes the miners' refrain of Gillian Welch:

“ Now there’s something good in a worried song
For the trouble in your soul”

Which might be called redistributing optimism, and which is very welcome, along with the analysis. The actual Miners' refrain in the eponymous song is:

I'm down in a hole, I'm down in a hole,
Down in a deep, dark hole
I'm down in a hole, I'm down in a hole,
Down in a deep, dark hole

But singing the blues definitely exorcises the pain, innit?