Monday, July 07, 2008

Basher Davis vs Knuckles McNulty: Knuckles Knock Out?

Apparently the man making the case for a reserve power of 42 days detention is "Tom" McNulty (sic ConservativeHome). Looks like Tony McNulty. Whatever we may think and believe about 42 days or 28 days detention without trial over here at Labour of Love we do think that Tony gave David a bloody nose on Sky. And he's been to Specsavers. And incidentally when David "magna carta, hanging and flogging, save section 28" Davis bessie Iain Dale talks of "debates" on this issue he in fact means "rallies".

David Davis is a positively feeble protaganist for 28-but-not-42 days.


Toby said...

Davis' by-election has everything to do with an internal debate within the Tory Party and little to do with the 'freedom agenda'. It's a shame that he's such a flawed advocate, because much of the freedom agenda is valid for libertarian socialists too. I fear that man has put back the debate on the freedom agenda by many years as a result of his stunt. Just wait until ID cards are compulsory though Chris! Then there'll be a real debate, just like there was in the 1950's when we got rid of the last ID card scheme.

Chris Paul said...

When are iD cards going to become compulsory? Are you sure Toby?! When are they going to become voluntary?

But imagine if "having an idea in my head" cards were made compulsory? Then many would be Tory cabinet ministers would have to be exempt.