Monday, July 07, 2008

Glasgow East: Margaret Curran Match Salmond Update

When we wrote yesterday that Margaret Curran would (a) continue to be an MSP at Holyrood; (b) lead Scottish Labour; (c) be an MP at Westminster; and (d) become a Minister in the Scottish Office we were toying with separatist readers. Although this is exactly the kind of quadrupling up that SNP Leader x 2 Alex Salmond MSP MP is maintaining.

An original Scotland on Sunday piece that attracted a good deal of SNP trollery and which said clearly that Margaret Curran would give up her Holyrood seat has been taken down at least temporarily it seems. Cached here. The current link with far more redneck trollery under where the article used to be is here.

UPDATE 10:39: The exact same trollery is also to be seen at The Scotsman, verbatim in many cases, and is very likely repeated elsewhere. Meanwhile the Independent is talking up a leadership challenge or resignation from Brown should Labour lose.

Iain Dale, who has so recently excused David Cameron's sequence of lamentable nay abject PMQs performances as Cam's means of keeping Brown in post, should perhaps have a quiet word and tell him to lay off the by-election visits. Though perhaps the Bullingdon schemer realises that showing his face in Scotland can only drive the Labour vote?


Anonymous said...

She seems a very strong woman. I saw her make a speech. And she was impressive. This is exaclty the sort of individual the poor need to stand up for them. She speaks her own mind, and is well liked. I have notticed alot of SNP supporters mocking her accent and the fact she is woman. That is sexism. :

Chris Paul said...

Mocking the fact she is a woman is I think very foolish indeed, though will the green hooped RC women of Shettleston rise up and slam dunk the Blue Baptist as a result?

Has this Mason guy got any track record of achievement in Glasgow East?

Anonymous said...

Ah well another example of what complete liars and hypocrites labourites are.

She has been selected said...

She has been selected as the candidate now. So labour now has a very strong candidate. Watch out SNP.

Watch out for all the abuse they will throw at her. Tories and SNP:

Anonymous said...

Furthermore labourites are also using sectarianism to maintain their grubby hold on power.


Anonymous said...

Where is the sectarianism? It is the tories that use sectarianism look at that mad tory who was forced to resign after saying the EU was a catholic plot. Or the mad tories that stood up to catholic equal rights in Ulster. :

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. The serious analysis of how the RC majority in this constituency may vote is not sectarianism. Mike Smithson, a Lib Dem, has allowed a guest post at Political Betting on the matter. And it is Nadine Dorries, a Tory, who has been screaming about Labour comeuppance at the ballot box for allowing women of all faiths and none to choose what to do with their own fertility.